brb, busy, what news, etc.

Busy as all heck around the boatyard. Launching many boats lately, and buttoning up projects before owners arrive, general commissioning, etc. One nice Herreshoff schooner in and out of the harbour lately.
New lead ballast bulb has been shaped for the dinghy keel; hoping to get that in this week sometime, along with a new traveller. Yay! Sailing again! The poor dinghy has just been getting in the way on our docks lately, tuggin’ at her lines. Can’t wait for another set of seatrials!
The cat slowly leaking out of the bag, wispered into one ear or another. An “agreement in principle” has been reached, via many inter-continental emails and phonecalls, and Sverre has agreed to sell me “my” boat. i’m eager to get a-crackin’, but am waiting until all the paperwork is signed/sealed/delivered. Details to follow…


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