happiest christmas ever

i have in my hands a sheaf of paperwork. Instead of coming to me in a ubiquitous large yellow envelope, it came bundled and taped in striped wrapping paper; a gift! Hooray!
Second page in, there it is: a signed sales agreement from Sverre. The boat is mine. i’m a little stunned… wow.
Now the work begins. First, the paperwork must go through the local bureaucratic channels. A thourough inventory must be made of the boat’s equipment; her missing bits and extra bits, what needs to be rebuilt, replaced, or just cleaned out.
My happy paperwork bundle includes a number of additional interesting pieces; articles, sales brochures, and the detailed, lengthly original owner’s construction manual. The latter is explained by the factthat many of these Laurinkoster 32’s were supplied as bare hulls to the owners, who would then either complete the interiors themselves, or contract them out. Of course, much of this literature is in Swedish, but just by following the numbered diagrams, i’m learning plenty of words!
Ah, i need to take a breath… i still need to get Ripple sailing regularly and well before dumping all my free time and income into Centaurea, but we are looking at about a week of down-time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so i’ll have a chance to get caught up.
“they say” that the two happiest days in a boat-owner’s life are the day he buys a boat, and the day he sells it… Well, never mind the latter, i’m happy for the former right now!


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