two weeks

Dropped the boys off at the airport this morning, after a couple weeks of fun. Mixed in with all the usual debauchery were a couple sailing days with ’em aboard our yard playboat, an Impulse 21, including the obligatory trip to the Willie T.
The boys really tore into the baot too; Chris wanted a project, so i had him fair my bottom repairs… he went on to sand and fair everything below the sheerline. Whoa… looks like i’ll be painting the topsides after all! Cory and i got thje remaining bits of hardware off and sanded the decks. Rebuilt the winches, rebuilt the forepeak doors, filled the old unused deckfills, chipped and Ospho-ed the iron keel, and started in on removing the window frames.
My next step is a healthy coat of primer to cover up everything, and better show what, if any, further fairing needs to be done. i intend to paint with Interlux Perfection, so i’ve picked up a few quarts of Interlux 404/414 epoxy primer.


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