cash and carry

Been eating well lately… too well. Going out for breakfast most mornings, if only to the corner store for a muffin, Red Bull, etc., and going out for lunches as well.
A couple nights ago i found myself seated before a well-founded round of plates: tuna sashimi; medium flank steak with a soy drizzle, truffle risotto, and baby asparagus; and key-lime pie to top it off.
Skipped breakfast today and waited too long for lunch, so my purchases were shaped by my stomach: a fine large Fuji apple, a Bolthouse, a dreadfully expensive Pom, and a a large bar of Ghirardelli.
Ah, reeling back from the precipice… i “discovered” the Cash & Carry wholesale place in town today, and stocked up on cases of all those “all too expensive in the BVI” staples, like ramen, tinned tuna, beans, rice, soups, etc. Half the price of what i’ve been paying!
Groceries tend to be expensive here, but also remarkable is the large difference between the lowest and highest selling prices of any single product… it really pays to shop around, and i’m trying to train myself to do so.


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