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Cleaned out my MySpace friends list, and am already getting grief for it. Ha!
If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. Usually it’s the same ol’ whine of, “Why am I ranked #5 instead of #3 on your ‘Top Friends’?”. Lately it’s the call of, “Put me back on your friends list!”.
First off, I think MySpace is a huge waste of time; I only maintain a presence on there because I have a few friends who don’t communicate any other way. Overall it pretty much sucks; it feels like the pinnacle of phony-ness (thanks, Holden).
I’ll manage, change, and re-order my “friends” list any damn way I please, according to whatever weird reason (or lack thereof) strikes me at the time.
Furthermore, I think it’s just plain ridiculous that there’s people I know, locally here on this tiny island, who I haven’t heard talked to or seen in months, who suddenly crawl out of the woodwork to bitch at me for deleting them. Want to be my friend that bad? Call me up! Write me a real email! Move your ass around the corner and down the road to my place. And get over it already! Life is too short for this grade-9 cliqueishness and drama.

  1. Erin’s avatar

    You rant so well….. :0) Makes me smile everytime! Besides, I know where I stand, so it’s all good…….



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