paint fumes, etc.

Little things… Got the last coat of paint applied in the head and hanging locker area aboard Centaurea this weekend. This Sunday afternoon, the paint barely dry, I got inspired and installed the head, vented loop, and all the discharge lines.
The head looks great with the fresh paint! The heights of the molded-in head baseplate pads I made are perfect for a comfortble sitting position, but I’ll probably have to give up on the deck prism idea; my head is just too close to the proposed location.
However, I may just bite the bullet and go ahead and build a pair of Dorade boxes abreast the mast, one venting into the head. This is a good idea in many ways, but I’d been resisting it because I really like the smooth flush deck forward of the low, short cabinhouse. The Dorades would dispupt this clean line.
Who am I kidding? With the liferaft on deck between the cabin and mast, and with the Dorades neatly in line with the mast anyways, I probably won’t lose anything visually anyways. Ah, but there looms the lippery slope… First Dorades, then guards for the cowls, then might as well go ahead with mast-pulpit “sissybars”…
But for this weekend, just paint fumes, and a great, simple, streamlined head install… that I can’t use! I can’t wait to get in the water!

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    Yuri: I am wondering, could you build me a Chinese junk? Two years from now,or five? Seriously…is that a project of which you are capable, interested? This is John of Brentwood Bay writing you…



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