November 2006

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cheap and loud

Read review in a drumming mag a few years back. They were talking about the new Zildjian Z-series cymbals. The line that has always stuck in my head is:
“If loud is good and expensive is bad, these are the cymbals for you.”
Almost, but not quite just like saying, “These are cheap and noisy.” Ah, the spin.
One can’t help but wonder about this evening’s upcoming election results… spin, span, spun. My oh my!

Little things… Got the last coat of paint applied in the head and hanging locker area aboard Centaurea this weekend. This Sunday afternoon, the paint barely dry, I got inspired and installed the head, vented loop, and all the discharge lines.
The head looks great with the fresh paint! The heights of the molded-in head baseplate pads I made are perfect for a comfortble sitting position, but I’ll probably have to give up on the deck prism idea; my head is just too close to the proposed location.
However, I may just bite the bullet and go ahead and build a pair of Dorade boxes abreast the mast, one venting into the head. This is a good idea in many ways, but I’d been resisting it because I really like the smooth flush deck forward of the low, short cabinhouse. The Dorades would dispupt this clean line.
Who am I kidding? With the liferaft on deck between the cabin and mast, and with the Dorades neatly in line with the mast anyways, I probably won’t lose anything visually anyways. Ah, but there looms the lippery slope… First Dorades, then guards for the cowls, then might as well go ahead with mast-pulpit “sissybars”…
But for this weekend, just paint fumes, and a great, simple, streamlined head install… that I can’t use! I can’t wait to get in the water!