December 2006

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Met some people yesterday. Nice people. I have plenty of nice things to say about them, if I can only get over the resentment I feel towards them for being so awesome. Damn.
Getting that “small world” vibe again: Nadia and I trade blog addresses, and late last night I read that she is another one of Those (y’know, “Them”) and that yes, once again I am feeling some subtle cosmic shove in the back propelling me towards SF and all the “people like us”. Can’t seem to be able to say with certianty whether I’d be…
Intimidated by a surfeit of smart, well-travelled, expressive, educated, creative youngsters, or…
Just plain annoyed by a surfeit of smart, well-travelled, expressive, educated, creative youngsters.
I wonder if I just might be a little more of a small-town hick than I know.
My InnerGalit assures me that I just need to get into that comfortable place; with myself, with others, with settings that neither confine me nor amaze me into inactivity.
Bah. Too tired and depressed and cranky to work it all out.


Somehow, I’ve become the last able-bodied person at work. This must explain how I’ve become so harried and busy lately. Scott blew his back up, and after several specialist consultations and an MRI, he’s scheduled for some serious drugs, perhaps surgery, and definately a long break from work. Freddy had a stroke(!) a couple weeks back, and was hospitalized with a brain infection, and while he’s doing well enough now, he’s pretty much out of the picture. James’s knee goes out every other day, so now he’s been left hobbling around in his knee-brace.
With Freddy out, I’m running the crane (somewhere between really fun and really nerve-wracking), but I generally refuse to get myself involved in any sort of paint or varnishing other than my own, and that being Scott’s main job, we’ve had to cancel plenty of brightwork and bottom jobs.
Today my left arm and wrist has been giving me twinges… or maybe I’m just that much more aware now that I’m the only worker left working at work!

The great Alden schooner When and If has been in Soper’s Hole for about a week now. The link gives the details better than I can, but in short, she was built for General George S. Patton… A great cruising hull and rig; plenty of workboat heritage, but still an Alden, but without any yachtiness. Chatted with the crew a bit, and felt nearly ready to talk my way aboard for a sail, especially when I saw them doing some service repair and renewing some siezings. Ah!

Been a little distracted by other recreations lately, but still getting in work on Centaurea. The head is completely rebuilt, painted, plumbed, and ready for action, excepting the part where I’m not in the water yet (!).
Went on to prime and paint the main forward bulkhead, which made a huge difference in making the cabin really feel lighter, brighter, and more airy. Well, at least after the fumes cleared.
Lately I’ve been throwing myself at the metalwork. That old Gulfstar 50 anchor platform has finally fallen prey to my hacksaw/grinder attacks, and given up a fine amount of perfectly pre-bent 1 1/2″ tubing for the boomkin. Of course, fitting the boomkin meant fitting everything else back aft to check clearance issues. DenaliMike helped me get the rudder on, and Owen gave me a hand fitting the windvane steering gear.
The steering gear mounts are horrid! after puzzling and fussing over the arrangement, I’ve decided that it just has to go. As is, it limits the tiller to 3/5 the total range of travel. This means, of course, more painful/expensive welded bits, but I just have to “do it right” the first time.
Been taking time in the evenings to get aquainted with the polisher/buffer, trying to renew the finish on many other external stainless fittings. I’ve just re-polished the chainplates this evening, and I’m still thinking I ought to replace them (at horrid expense), despite the assurances of some metalworking friends that they’re good enough as is.
DenaliMike, a little bored, and with his own boat largely complete and sailing, has offered to lend a hand with the deck and cabinhouse painting, so the plan is to have those parts sanded, primed, and with two coats on the margins this weekend. Maybe even a first coat of non-skid too…

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