Recent adventures…

The last few weeks have been pretty busy. Finally have a moment to sit down and bang out a few words…
Thanksgiving weekend I joined up with my friend Marty aboard his Kinney Pipe Dream 36 Ruffian for a weekend of racing out of Coral Bay on St. John. Great time! Light winds, though, but we still managed to place second in our class. About 50 boats racing there, including a very healthy classic and gaffer class.
The next weekend we raced in the WEYC Gustav Wilmerding Regatta here out of West End. Compared to the great gathering we’d attended the weekend before, the racing ranks were awful thin. We won our class that time, in winds that were just the other side of the sweet spot, 35-40kts! Great galloping sail is screaming sunshine and windblown waves.
A little more recreational sailing rounded out the last few weeks. I’m feeling really behind in my homework schedule now! Last weekend I managed to get in a needed day of shopping at the various chandlers, and a whole day of fiddling with the new boomkin/windvane bracket.


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