Centaurea update

Been a little distracted by other recreations lately, but still getting in work on Centaurea. The head is completely rebuilt, painted, plumbed, and ready for action, excepting the part where I’m not in the water yet (!).
Went on to prime and paint the main forward bulkhead, which made a huge difference in making the cabin really feel lighter, brighter, and more airy. Well, at least after the fumes cleared.
Lately I’ve been throwing myself at the metalwork. That old Gulfstar 50 anchor platform has finally fallen prey to my hacksaw/grinder attacks, and given up a fine amount of perfectly pre-bent 1 1/2″ tubing for the boomkin. Of course, fitting the boomkin meant fitting everything else back aft to check clearance issues. DenaliMike helped me get the rudder on, and Owen gave me a hand fitting the windvane steering gear.
The steering gear mounts are horrid! after puzzling and fussing over the arrangement, I’ve decided that it just has to go. As is, it limits the tiller to 3/5 the total range of travel. This means, of course, more painful/expensive welded bits, but I just have to “do it right” the first time.
Been taking time in the evenings to get aquainted with the polisher/buffer, trying to renew the finish on many other external stainless fittings. I’ve just re-polished the chainplates this evening, and I’m still thinking I ought to replace them (at horrid expense), despite the assurances of some metalworking friends that they’re good enough as is.
DenaliMike, a little bored, and with his own boat largely complete and sailing, has offered to lend a hand with the deck and cabinhouse painting, so the plan is to have those parts sanded, primed, and with two coats on the margins this weekend. Maybe even a first coat of non-skid too…


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