April come and gone

Since I’ve been back, I’ve been charging ahead at full speed on Centaurea. Deckhouse and margins painted, many bits of deck hardware installed, stays’l tracks finished off, boomkin metalwork all cut, shaped, and fitted (awaiting final welding though), freshwater tank finally FINALLY plumbed and full of water, cockpit locker lids/seats and sole non-skidded and in place, shaft log & shaft installed… Really have to look at the calendar to keep track.

Yup, there’s been a new game to help me maintain momentum: keeping a list of completed tasks on a calender, day by day. I’m trying to get something into every box on the calender… Somedays I don’t but many other days see multiple things get checked off.

Last night I signed off on two frikkin’ hours of miserable hand hacksawing; cutting an 8″ long bevel into the end of a 2″ stainless steel heavy-wall pipe. It’s only slightly reassuring to note that there’s “only” three more of these cuts to make, haha! This, of course, for the A-frame bowsprit/anchor platform.

Last week I also got around to adding up all the receipts. Yikes! This $3500 boat has now cost me a little over $9000, and in many ways is no closer to the water than it was when I bought it. I’ll be re-posting the “running costs” page asap so you all can keep track of the ridiculous spending. 🙂


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