the cost so far…

Added up the receipts, again:

Plumbing – Fittings, hoses, seacocks, though-hulls, etc
Epoxy – Resin, hardener, applicators, fillers, fairing compounds
Paint – Primers, topcoats, thinners, masking, sundries
Surfacing – Sandpaper, wire wheels, grinding discs, buffing wheels & compounds
Rigging – Fittings, furler, terminals, turnbuckles
Sealants – 5200, beddings, caulking, adhesives, etc.
Hardware – Hinges, handles, latches
Driveline – Engine, shaft, log, prop, stuffing box, accessories
Building materials – wood, fiberglass cloth, lexan, plywood

Total – $5562.54

Oh yeah, the boat was $3500. 🙂 So that’s $9062.54. And still not floating yet. Hah!

  1. Chrisp’s avatar

    What about the blood sweat and tears that have gone into it. There really is no cost for that stuff. Let us know when it’s ready to dunk. I think we’ll be there for that.


  2. osteoderm’s avatar

    Ya, that cost… I guessed based on average hours i put in each week, and times our standard shop labour rate… comes out somewhere around $30k… 🙂 Oh, and about that dunkin’… this is the year, boyo, this is the year. I have winter cruising plans…



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