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Dear Miss Gillian of Typealice Design has tagged me. Or, er, I asked to be tagged. Whatever tagging is. The next step in chain letters, applied to blogs. Ar well, the interview questions I’ve been asked (or that I’ve asked to be asked) are:

1. What is your favourite thing to eat?

Hmmmm… That’s a good one. I’m a bit of a “foodie”. There’s little in the way of food that I don’t much enjoy, and plenty of things yet to try! This question kept me awake last night, and I finally narrowed it down to… The Sandwich. Yes, the humble sandwich. I mean, I really like good fresh bread, and a good sandwich often has a couple pieces of that. I’m cheered by just about any sort of sandwich, everything from processed cheese on crustless white to a lovely hot rueben on toasted rye. Lay an honest hearty muffeletta or cheesesteak in front of me, and I’m all yours.

2. What character traits annoy you in other people? In yourself?

I abhor liars. This is a problem for me, as almost everyone I encounter is nearly continually lying. Mind you, this is just my own weird perception, as a hyper-literal observer. I also strongly dislike any lack of self-respect. I can’t seem to respect anyone who can’t respect themselves. Furthermore, while I can respect someone who I do not like, I simply cannot like anyone who I do not respect.
I myself have traits that I find very frustrating at times, but not neccessarily annoying. However, I’m sure I exhibit a whole plethora of traits that most other people simply cannot stand.

3. Growing up, what was your most prized possession?

Another tough question. I recall plenty of objects in my youth that I felt particularly attached to at the time, but they have all passed from me, and are only recalled which a question such as this brings them to my mind. The two most obvious choices have been my boat and my bus, but those objects have (and continue to) possessed me, rather than the other way around. I let this one rattle around in my head for a day, and the answer has finally found me. I’m sure now that it has always been my bike. Well, there’s been four different bicycles, actually, but they each represented a certain spirit of freedom and exploration that has continued with me, unbroken.

4. You tend to research a lot of things, depending on who you meet and what their interests are. What has been your favourite topic to learn about?

Researching, to me, consists mainly of learning what is already known, already discovered. Only a very few people ever get to learn anything truly novel, to create new knowledge. It would be incredibly difficult for me to narrow down what specific topic has best held my interest, rather, I find myself most interested in meta-knowledge, and the integration of apparently far-removed areas. For example, I really enjoy taking knowledge gained in one field and applying it to another. This might be as simple as using sailboat hardware for suspension rigging, or as esoteric as applying perceptual theosophy to combinometric mathematics. Really, I’d kinda prefer to be able to turn the damned thing off sometimes (my brain, that is).

5. If you weren’t in the BVI, where would you be?

If I could sail away from here tomorrow (assuming it wasn’t actually hurricane season), it would be to New England and the Maritimes. If I hadn’t come to the BVI, well, I couldn’t even imagine where I’d be… My life has taken some pretty large and unexpected turns; I suppose I would have gone wherever they took me.

If you’d like me to interview you too, just post a comment saying so. 🙂

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    You wanna tag me back? I really love these things.

    Thanks for answering my questions! It took you long enough! 😉


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    Haha! I wrote the answers nearly immediately, but it took some time before I had the time and internet access to post ’em…


  3. Gillian’s avatar

    Oh, how SUSPENSFUL of you!


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