Whoa, long time, no blog. Partly becase I’m back on the boat, away from reglar internet access, and partly becase it’s soooo frstrating trying to write withot se of the letter “”. Dang keyboard.
In other news, I’ve been slogging along on the ol’ girl. Nothing major in the last while; two more coats of paint, and many many fiddly little electrical and systems things, deck hardware, mast bits, etc.
Mainly I’ve jst been hnkering down and plowing ot some long hors at work, making/saving a little cash for the pcoming bnch of “big(ger)-ticket items”. Off the list this past weekend: all the rest of my necessary Norseman wire terminals for my rigging. Hard to see how a doble handfl of bits can be worth $400, bt there it is. Also fond a price on rigging wire: $550, a little less than I was expecting.
As mch as I enjoy rigging, the next big psh will be on getting the engine in. Needed: new exhast flange and gasket ($85), new freshwater pmp ($320), new Racor diesel filter ($160), and oh yes, new diesel tank (hard to say exactly, bt I’m bdgeting $450). Maybe another new propshaft (I certainly hope not).
After that, it’s batteries, a few fiddly bits, refit the saggy old sails, and off we go!

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    Hey, youuuuuuuuu – look what I can do! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Good to get an update as the Event Horizon crew has been wondering. Might we see you down island this winter?



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