All the news that’s fit to print

Just another brief update on the boat progress. In the last week and a half, I’ve gotten over a couple hurdles. The first was finally getting my new Maretron N2K DST800 transducer delivered and installed.

The second is that I finally have a new diesel tank! Yup, I bought a sheet of aluminum plate, cut out all the pieces, and had my welder-on-call Leo zap the works together this past Saturday. I’ve spent yesterday and today priming and painting the raw tank, as well as fitting all the bits; vents, fillers, returns, drains, draws, etc.

I’ve never had a brand-new fuel tank on any project vehicle of mine, ever. I’m really excited about this one, and am taking a bit of time to get all the details right. Next, I’ll bond hard neoprene chafing strips to all the tank contact areas before finally sliding the beauty into place. All this joy for, gee, only $700 or so… the aluminum was only $350, but the bill for the welding was yet to arrive…

  1. Clive’s avatar

    I read Maretron as Megatron and thought to myself, I really wish I had a Megatron transducer.



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