Last weekend, I installed the new diesel tank, plumbed up a bunch of fuel fittings, and finally installed the new permanent cockpit scupper hoses and seacocks. Yesterday, working late outside under lights, I wired up the engine harness and mounted the alternator. Today at lunch I filled, primed, and tested my “filter farm”: the rack of multiple diesel/water separators, fuel filters, and pumps.

And just this evening, right before the sunset, I fired the engine up! First time running in years now… It took some cranking, until I tracked down the loose connection in the glow-plug circuit, then Vroom! it was putt-putting along.

I’m going to re-work the oil-dipstick tube for better clearance along the engine beds, then I’ll be set to install the engine this weekend. Maybe even sometime this week!

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    dork. heh…



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