The Log, Part 3

May 9th

00:03EST – 21º20.242’N 066º10.519’W SoG 5.8kts CoG 330ºT Trip 293nm
145nm/day average!

05:18EST – 21º50.200’N 066º13.496’W SoG 5.5kts CoG 360ºT
Wind shifting further SE through night. Our course has clocked north to 010ºC

09:10EST – 22º10.078’N 066º13.208’W SoG 4.0kts CoG 350ºT Trip 353.5nm

11:37EST – 22º21.545’N 066º13.680’W SoG 4.6kts CoG 350ºT Trip 367.5nm
Reported position to router.

[CJ] 15:10EST – 22º38.124’N 066º14.176’W SoG 4.5kts CoG 004ºT Trip387.3nm
Mellow – made awning from stained sheet and moved cushions to cockpit. Lounged in the sun and read… and napped. I phoned parents.

16:41EST – 22º44.575’N 066º14.066’W SoG 5.0kts CoG 340ºT Trip 394.8nm
Motor on, charging, motorsailing. Winds very light SE. Checked engine oil – okay.

Gybed under power to 320ºC
Gybed early – hopefully will get us back onto the rhumb line as predicted winds shift S-SW

Motor off. Engine repairs!
#1 exhaust valve lifter rod found to have slipped out from under rocker… repaired. Rod slightly bent!

19:15EST – 22º52.018’N 066º22.053’W SoG 4.0kts CoG 300ºT Trip 408.9nm
Steering 315ºC
Winds slightly increasing, seas still calm. Local ESE swell now further astern on port gybe.


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