The Log, Part 4

May 10th

00:00:10EST – 23º02.989’N 066º38.734’W SoG 4.0kts CoG 300ºT Trip 430.6nm

05:07EST – 23º17.640’N 066º55.357’W SoG 4.0kts CoG 315ºT Trip 454.9nm
Wind has continued gradual shift S-SW overnight – now steering 330ºC

09:31EST – 23º31.818’N 067º09.570’W SoG 4.5kts CoG 315ºT Trip 478.4nm

11:02EST – 23º37.500’N 067º14.010’W SoG 5.0kts CoG 330ºT Trip 486.6nm
Reported to router.

12:03EST – 23º41.400’N 067º15.835’W SoG 4.0kts CoG 330ºT Trip 491.4nm
Called router. Multiple shit systems off US east coast. Advised to divert to Bermuda.

17:49EST – 23º57.914’N 067º03.464’W SoG 4.0kts CoG 355ºT Trip 519.7nm
Divert [to] Bermuda. Called in friends to obtain BDA entrance plot.
Gybed twice, tried wing-on-wing, but boat would not [self-] steer DDW [dead down-wind] in such light air. Now port gybe, jib poled to leeward, reaching deeply as possible.

Motor on for battery charging. Wind too light and aft for decent motorsailing.

19:15EST – 24º04.016’N 067º04.225’W SoG4.5kts CoG 350ºT Trip 527.5nm
Motor off.


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